The Story and Trailer


Guided only by a simple book, a young girl braves a world of monsters to save her brother.

Charlotte, Wander On is the simple, yet emotionally-complex story of a young girl alone in a disastrous world, swarmed with terrifying creatures. However, while Charlotte is accustomed to living alone, she’s actually quite unfamiliar with herself. Oddly, her dark and dangerous world is not what worries her most, but instead her own capabilities, or lack thereof, become the major source of her apprehension.

Charlotte leaves both the relative safety of a mountain dwelling and the few other survivors in this world, in search of a hidden answer she’s sought many times before. The nature and origin of this answer is initially unknown to us, but as Charlotte nears the end of her travels, she reveals parts of her past and the true reason she’s willing to risk the darkness alone.

However, if she intends to make it to wherever this truth exists, she must first realize who she is – and what she can do – all while staying mere strides ahead of ever-watchful and ever-hungry beasts.