The Author and Illustrator





The Author


Matt Cubberly is a produced screenwriter and author based out of Chicago, Illinois, and a graduate of the University of Colorado, at Boulder. As the founder and sole owner of The WilderWay LLC, he focuses on producing niche projects that parallel the film industry by telling beautiful stories through a variety of media. Inspired by the works of Andrew Stanton and Danny Boyle, Matt strives for simple, yet resoundingly character-driven tales with mass appeal.






The Illustrator


A concept artist/illustrator from Latvia, Irina Kovalova is currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. She works in a similar whimsical style as employed by great studios such as Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. Influenced by the productions of artists Maurice Noble, Mary Blair, Tyler Carter and Eric Guillon, Irina aims to share fantastical characters and their adventurous stories through deep and thought-provoking illustration.