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The Story and Trailer


Evolutionary Tales is a children’s book that teaches evolution through 10 poems focusing on the wildest-evolved creatures of our world!

Our world is full of absolutely amazing creatures that have evolved and adapted to become truly incredible! And because our world is so diverse, Evolutionary Tales isn’t just one story! Instead, the book is a compilation of TEN wildly-different stories – each focusing on one fantastic creature! Each story is told in the form of a long poem, and each takes you into a specific niche.  Kids love the close-up look into the tiny worlds all around them as they learn how the animals evolved to fill those roles. Some are quite funny – like a fish walking on land! And some are a bit scary – like the toothy angler fish down in the dark depths of the ocean!

But whether you’re put into the sky, into the water, or out onto the land, you and your child will no doubt have an amazing adventure while reading AND learning!



The Author and Illustrator




The Author


Matt Cubberly is a produced screenwriter and author based out of Chicago, Illinois, and a graduate of the University of Colorado, at Boulder. As the founder and sole owner of The WilderWay LLC, he focuses on producing niche projects that parallel the film industry by telling beautiful stories through a variety of media. Inspired by the works of Andrew Stanton and Danny Boyle, Matt strives for simple, yet resoundingly character-driven tales with mass appeal.





The Illustrator


May Villani is the incredible illustrator in charge of bringing these wildly-evolved animals to life in pictures! Originally from Italy, she’s now based out of London where she also works as a User Interface Artist for the videogame company King, maker of Candy Crush and many more! May’s work is truly awe-inspiring and complements the whimsical writing so well – allowing these strange worlds and creatures to form right before the reader’s eyes!




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